Wedding Cinematography Must-Do’s

Weddings are very special occasions. To make it a memorable event, a lot of planning takes place. Capturing the event through wedding cinematography is a must. It’s important to keep the video artistic. To make a creative wedding video, here are a few cinematography must-do’s.

As the wedding cinematographer, you should attend rehearsals. This way you take a look at the venue and plan your shots. You also need to speak with the bride and groom to know how they want their wedding video to come out.

Most of the time, couples won’t have specific ideas how they want their wedding video to be shot. In this case, suggest wedding cinematography styles. Always get their approval before pushing through with a plan.

You also need to learn the schedule of the wedding. This way you know when to shoot and how to best take videos of the event. You can work with the wedding coordinator for the details.

In wedding cinematography, more than one camera is used. Make sure the white balance settings are in synch. You also need to assign which camera covers specific areas before the event.

It is also important to check if you have sufficient batteries and storage for the duration of the event. Always carry spare camera batteries and memory cards. Double check your equipment before the event.

You need to have enough cameras to cover both the bride and groom. Remember that they would be coming from different places at the start of the event. Coordinate with your team covering the bride and groom.

Make sure you will arrive at the venue ahead of the wedding party. Or that you have a separate team that will wait at the church or wedding reception. Doing so gives you time to take videos and photos of the venue and the arriving guests.

Always take videos of spontaneous moments during the event. This captures the emotions and memorable parts of the wedding. Lastly, look at special effects you can use when editing and putting the film together. This gives you the best wedding videos for your clients.