Reasons For The Popularity Of Online Tuition Portal In Malaysia

It’s already a well-known fact that Malaysia has one of the best financial systems in the world. Although the Malaysian education sector is also among the best, the enrollment in Malaysian schools has significantly decreased over the past few years. This happened because many parents prefer to choose private tutoring or home tuition for their children. Their issues are justified and they concern the entire educational system.

According to, there are about 60 – 70 students in a regular classroom, figure which is impossible to manage properly. Studies show that the optimal classroom should only have 20 students or less. This allows the teacher to focus on each student individually and to cater for their specific needs. It is impossible to do the same thing for 70 students, so some of them will get lost in the big scheme of things.

Additionally, the teacher-to-student ratio has become so low, that even supervising properly the students is a challenge few teachers can cope with. The problem which gets created is that some children can’t acquire the knowledge properly, as they might have lower absorption capacity or shorter attention span. If the teacher can’t give some individual attention to each student, some of them will be inevitably left behind.

best home tutorThis problem was effectively addressed and solved by home tuition. A private tutor teaches only one child at a time, thus adjusting the method and the rate of pouring the information to the kid’s ability of assimilating the new information. If you can find a good tutor, you can be almost positive your child will have the best possible education. Actually, this is the biggest challenge of home tuition: to find the best teacher for your child. This is where the online tuition portal comes into play. You can search online for a home tutor, as this portal contains everything needed for home tutoring your children.

home tutor in selangorFor the tutors’ safety, the portal doesn’t provide users their phone numbers, so you won’t be able to call them directly. This is why you need to read the procedures of using the portal and of hiring a tutor, should you be looking for one.

Portals are among the best possible ways of hiring home tutors because they can provide you all the information you need about the skills and qualifications of the teachers. All you need is a little patience to browse through all tutors available and carefully assess their capabilities of teaching your child in the most effective way.

kids home tuition care

An online tuition portal is definitely the fastest research method available. It saves you a lot of time, as you won’t need to go to various schools and get in touch with tutors to inquiry about their willingness to teach your child. You can ask tutors you find in the portal any questions you like. They are going to get back to you, so you can have a better picture about the possibility of finding the best match for your child. There are even background checks available, thus minimizing the risk of hiring someone who is not properly qualified or who has some shady activity in his past. By using an online tuition portal you can easily find the teacher to match your child’s educational needs. Moreover, you can also filter the teachers according to your personal criteria, in order to make sure your little one and his tutor are compatible. This is essential for a good teacher-student cooperation and you should to your best to get your child a compatible individual as home tutor. This is easy to do with the help of a dedicated online portal.