Maintaining an SEO Friendly Website in Search Marketing

Keeping your website interesting to look at is very different with maintain an SEO friendly website. In Malaysia SEO marketing is the key to make your website more visible to your target audience through popular search engine searches. Here are tips to keep your website SEO friendly.

seo marketing toolsFirst, you need to keep your URL structure search engine friendly. The website’s URL is the first thing a search engine interprets. So it is important to use popular keywords into the URL of your blog post or site.

Building a sitemap is important to establish a stable network of backlinks. Backlinks are indispensable in SEO campaigns as it helps create more unique visitors to your site. In addition, sitemaps help visitors navigate your site more easily.

Integrating your website or blog with social media networks is another way to keep an SEO friendly website. In the past, search engines do not pay much attention to the popularity of social media. Today however, millions of people rely on social media networks for information.

social media marketing

Using effective keywords or phrases is an important part of a successful SEO campaign. There is no way search engines can locate your website or blog if you do not incorporate keywords into your content. You need to do research on popular keywords used by people and create relevant content based on those keywords and phrases.

Lastly, you need to use optimized images on your site or blog. Pay close attention to the size of the images you will use. Make sure that it would display easily on any mobile device.

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